04 June 2015

A miscellany of odd packaging

Having been involved in putting out a CD packaged in skip-reclaimed plywood, I naturally have a prurient interest in odd/daft ideas for packaging releases. Here's a non-comprehensive, rolling list of items that have crossed my attention:

Knurl - A Hail Of Blades [Impulsy Stetoskopu]
Nicely conceptual (in that the sounds on the disc were made from steel circular saw blades), the jewel case is bolted between two steel plates.

[Image courtesy mimaroglu]

Archive Box #001 [Sacred Tapes]
Outstanding handmade concrete box release for the first six tapes from this Manchester label. I dread to consider the postage costs.

[Image courtesy Sacred Tapes]

Rene Kita/Kek-W - SUITE TWOth
Typically bold sideways move from Kek-W (he of the plywood handmade Concrete/Field package alluded to above) - the initial release of his re-working of Rene Kita's "Suite Two" comes only on a hand-painted/decorated mobile phone with a smashed screen which displays glitch patterns when connected to a PC to get the 1s and 0s off.
[Image courtesy 19f3]

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