15 April 2015

Obscure Gems of Bandcamp

ILL - The Housewives Trilogy/Kremlin/Cock In My Pocket/etc
Having seen the name ILL around on local gig listings for a while, I finally got around to researching their noises. And promptly kicked myself hard in the leg for missing these gems. After the first listen I had "Secret Life" stuck in my head for days, such is its catchiness. "Hysteria" and Jubilee anthem "Eat Swans" are no slouches in that department either, but they're not all about the bouncy post/punk anthems: 10 minute soundscape/piano/drum/bass piece "Serotonin" and the inclusion of sound artist Rosanne Robertson in their lineup points to other directions/influences as well.
The sporadic nature of their releases implies that maybe they don't have as much time to devote to ILL as to other projects, but I recommend keeping an eye on them for sure and hope to hear more from them soon.


Jonny and the Paracetamols - Mean Spirits
All credit to Kek-W for spotting this one. All scratchy, straggling post-punk angles and "Northern Surrealism". Sure: the sounds, the broad Lancashire accent, the weird ideas and NW England lyrical references are going to make lazy-minded people shout "The Fall", but Jonny and his friends have a snottier punk/scally attitude and even drier cynicism taking them into their own areas.

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