15 April 2015

Black Revisit/Black Classical/The Revenant Sea

Black Revisit - Dragkt [Terranean Recordings]
A short but life-affirming trudge into electronic sludge territories. Lots of lovely crusty hiss and crackle nailed to the floor by massive almost tribal beats. There's a lot of po-faced "dark" techno around these days, but this is head and shoulders above that crowd with its driving brutality and even hints of acid on "Horns of Jericho" (which fades out far too soon). "Silence" is total Chrome-era Techno Animal, but things get even dirtier when label head Luke Lund joins the fun for "Trogk" and a remix of "Atropos" which add massive tons of filthy industrial guitar to the mix. More please.

The Revenant Sea - The Visitation [Sector 12/12]
So Sector 12/12 challenged Matt AKA The Revenant Sea (AKA Wizards Tell Lies AKA 50% of Isobel Ccircle~) to produce some music inspired by 90's drum and bass and this is what he came up with. Obviously it wasn't going to turn out like LTJ Bukem, but there is definitely a dub sensibility and hints of Pan Sonic and early Autechre to the results. Lots of uplifting synths and skittery rhythms, in contrast to the more unnerving sounds usually associated with Revenant Sea releases. Is there nothing this man can't turn his hand too?

Wizards Tell Lies & The Revenant Sea & BKCLX - Communion EP
And here he is again, reworking the track "Communion" originally written by BKCLX/Black Classical into four new pieces according to the different aesthetics/practices of both WTL & TRS aliases (epic post-rock and noisy dark ambience respectively, if you want to be reductive about it). The first three tracks are credited to WTL and start out with the pretty classical soundtrack piece "Communion (First Light)" which is then extinguished by the distortion drenched guitar epic "Communion (Cleaver Shade)" which in turn is replaced with "Communion (Arc Tract)", another shorter tune starting all crackly but turning a bit Pink Floyd in the guitar department. The quartet is wrapped up with a version credited to The Revenant Sea which stretches out into a reverberating cave of crackle, creak and extended drone. So something for all the family then.

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