17 March 2014

Recommended listens

extnddntwrk - Missing

A lo-fi, low profile gem of an album. Subtle, moody electronics & sampled percussive sounds that add up to something like an updated version of classic old-skool TG/SPK moves with a minimal dub techno influence bubbling underneath. Then it goes and totally wrong-foots you with a wall of what sounds like almost Nadja-esque drone-doom guitars/synths (hey, does it matter which?) on "Damaged Agenda". For something that Andrew Fearn found on his hard drive and put out for a free download this is a fine piece of work.

extnddntwrk blog

Black Classical - A church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.
(Eight Collected Solo Piano Pieces c.2001 — 2013)

Simple, but oh so effective. Eight pieces of haunting, melancholic piano that sounds like they were recorded in an abandoned church and made me think it was the perfect evocation of this local landmark:

Black Classical Bandcamp

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  1. I came here via Sleaford Mods on Twatter, believe it or not - glad I did, that extnddntwrk album is great.