28 March 2014

More audio edgework

Trawling the edges and following the secret trails has turned up yet more gems:

Bismuth - The Eternal Marshes
A live review of Scouse doom titans Conan lead me to Bismuth: an intense doom duo of drummer and bassist/singer. "The Eternal Marshes" actually dates back to 2012 and is 16 minutes of monstrous black heaviness, made even more effective by a melancholy lull around half way through featuring almost plaintive vocals from singer Tanya. Heavy doom damage of the highest quality. They also have a split with the very excellent Undersmile available.


μ - elizabeth Veldon cloning program
Released through elizabeth Veldon's black circle label, the titles (I'm guessing) inspired in part by an ongoing internet tantrum/hate campaign by another artist/label owner, this is some quality tonal electronic noise. Described by Lydia "μ" Morgan as "glitchy, noisy chaos algorithms" the sounds here are more tones than noise, but rough and crunchy stuff, until we get to track 5 ("yet another elizabeth Veldon remix") which is darker and more restrained. Altogether it's a full-on dayglo assault on the senses and well recommended.


Raining Leaf/Wizards Tell Lies - Fallen
Anyone with a passing interest in my tastes would be pretty certain that a release featuring Raining Leaf & Wizards Tell Lies on the brilliant Chapel Yard label would push all my buttons. They'd be right. One long piece that splits into several inter-linked movements, it's atmospheric, beautiful and evocative landscape music demanding close listening. Stop what you're doing and download it now!


Spaceships Over Deeside - Skull Gives Health
More proof of the value of social networking: I checked this guy out after he started following me on Twitter and was well pleased I did. There's a lot to dig in to on his Bandcamp page and following the links through to his blog, but I started at the end with "Skull Gives Health". Initially I expected some quality dronery and wasn't disappointed by the opening track, but I was floored by the following two tracks which consisted of increasingly noisy percussive assaults. There are hints of the kind of  "industrial" "techno" tackle so trendy at the moment, but definitely more tribal, far further out and without the adolescent, self-conscious "darkness". Closing track "Hund Klubb" reins the intensity back with a glitchy percussion loop and hints of interference.
A fantastically pleasing surprise from the electronic sub-underground and worth spreading the word about.


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