04 October 2013

A Flood of Audio Richness

So much interesting new stuff is appearing right now, that it seems only right that I put it all in a blog post for ease of sharing.

First up: the very excellent Production Unit has created a massive tribute mix to criminally-under-exposed,  fuzzy beat clairvoyant REQ for The Outer Church. Find his essay/notes and Mixcloud mix here.

I've been a fan of April Larson's work for a good while now, so was excited hear that she had joined with Matt Bower (of Wizards Tell Lies and the wonderful The Revenant Sea) in a collaborative entity known as Isobel Ccircle. To find it being released by Chapel Yard - a label whose aesthetic is unimpeachable - is doubly pleasing. It's obtainable for whatever you wish to pay from Chapel Yard's Bandcamp site.

Wholeness Recordings is new label which has kicked off its release schedule with two absolute killers: "The Blackridge Tapes" is a collaboration between Lost Trail (who I've praised to the skies previously) and new showbiz friend The Implicit Order. It is a masterpiece of atmospheric rural drone and abandoned backwoods field recordings - just download it now. Wholeness's second release is an ambitious track-by-track reworking of The Carpenters "The Singles 1969-1973" featuring many fine people such as The Ephemeral Man and Elizabeth Veldon. Sometimes the source material is obvious, at others buried deep, but each track has something to recommend it and the whole thing has a strong melancholy-yet-uplifting aura which makes it all work. Download from here.

Finally, with the disclaimer that I'm on this one as Concrete/Field, black circle records have released a tribute to Voyager 1, as it leaves the solar system and heads into interstellar space. Sounds range from tinkling ambience to roaring noise-drone and stand as a fitting soundtrack to the first human artefact to achieve interstellar travel. Find it here.

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