15 February 2013

Other people's sounds for your pleasure

April Larson

It was Hacker Farm's Kek-W (on his blog - which includes a brief interview) who first pointed me in the direction of April Larson's music, and I have been remiss in not recommending it to you lucky people before.
Beautiful and evocative lo-fi fuzz, though she's been moving into slightly noisier realms as well recently.

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April keeps a bit of a low profile, but regularly uploads new stuff to Soundcloud:
and has quietly uploaded her back catalogue on to Bandcamp without telling anyone:

Lost Trail
Lost Trail are a husband and wife duo from North Carolina who are turning out gorgeous twilight music like it's about to be made illegal. The Outer Church (where I discovered them) described their works as "disembodied Americana" - a label they liked so much they adopted it themselves. Folk, drone and humming crackle are all elements that they use to conjure inner visions of abandoned rural zones of entropy. I humbly suggest you dive into their extensive catalogue and bathe in it like a moonlit pool.

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Their official website is here:
A good amount of their stuff is on Bandcamp for you to check out:

The man describes his oeuvre better than I could: "sinister public information films, dusty archival sounds, cold war Britain and weeping analogue synths". Obviously this ticks a lot of my personal boxes, but I'm sure plenty of others will love it too. I don't like to do the "if you like x you'll love y" thing too much, but the warped and hissy synth melodies here will definitely get Boards of Canada fans excited.

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There's a new EP out on Bandcamp:
and loads of sounds to explore here:

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