04 October 2013

A Flood of Audio Richness

So much interesting new stuff is appearing right now, that it seems only right that I put it all in a blog post for ease of sharing.

First up: the very excellent Production Unit has created a massive tribute mix to criminally-under-exposed,  fuzzy beat clairvoyant REQ for The Outer Church. Find his essay/notes and Mixcloud mix here.

I've been a fan of April Larson's work for a good while now, so was excited hear that she had joined with Matt Bower (of Wizards Tell Lies and the wonderful The Revenant Sea) in a collaborative entity known as Isobel Ccircle. To find it being released by Chapel Yard - a label whose aesthetic is unimpeachable - is doubly pleasing. It's obtainable for whatever you wish to pay from Chapel Yard's Bandcamp site.

Wholeness Recordings is new label which has kicked off its release schedule with two absolute killers: "The Blackridge Tapes" is a collaboration between Lost Trail (who I've praised to the skies previously) and new showbiz friend The Implicit Order. It is a masterpiece of atmospheric rural drone and abandoned backwoods field recordings - just download it now. Wholeness's second release is an ambitious track-by-track reworking of The Carpenters "The Singles 1969-1973" featuring many fine people such as The Ephemeral Man and Elizabeth Veldon. Sometimes the source material is obvious, at others buried deep, but each track has something to recommend it and the whole thing has a strong melancholy-yet-uplifting aura which makes it all work. Download from here.

Finally, with the disclaimer that I'm on this one as Concrete/Field, black circle records have released a tribute to Voyager 1, as it leaves the solar system and heads into interstellar space. Sounds range from tinkling ambience to roaring noise-drone and stand as a fitting soundtrack to the first human artefact to achieve interstellar travel. Find it here.

12 September 2013

Live From The Fallout Bunker - Broadcast 01

After nearly a year of thinking about it, I've finally completed the first of a new, irregular series of mixes I will put up on Mixcloud.

This one is part pre-planned (from the folder of tunes picked over the said 12 months) and partly picked on-the-fly as things suggested themselves.

Artists: tenshun, legion of two, bynatone, berkowitz lake & dahmer, april larson, cinza, kemper norton, gianni giublena rosacroce, aekie, matt warren, cauterised, hacker farm, elizabeth veldon

29 July 2013

Noise In Opposition

Out today, a compilation confronting prejudice and fascism in the noise and extreme electronic music scenes.

14 June 2013

Out now!

A joke from the Chickenf1sh archives :

"OUT NOW: Vargschnitzel - Massive Engulfing Dark Horror
Outstanding new release from this stomping militaristic-necro-industrial-post-ambient project. Truly captures the horror of a Flanders trench collapsing on top of you. In strictly limited edition of 13 hand-burned CD-Rs with artwork individually drawn in biro while working in a Duisberg Burger King.
Features members of Scheisskopf and Rape Commando."

10 May 2013

Live Review: Author & Punisher/Gnod/Ore

Author & Punisher/Gnod/Ore - Manchester Roadhouse 9/5/13

I was looking forward to experiencing Ore - I suspected that a pair of tubas could push out some serious bass - but I found it a struggle to really get inside what they were doing. They had a percussionist with them tonight, but it was only in the last few minutes of quite a long set that they got a groove and flow going. They
weren't really well-served by the PA either, as something seemed to be resonating with some of the low-end frequencies. I was also slightly distracted by some attention-seeking knob who insisted on loudly talking shit throughout the entire experience. Disappointing.

Ore bring the tuba doom
Gnod take to a darkened stage behind a bench packed with hardware and cook up a viscous stew of Gnod-knows-what. Washes of synth swooped over a 4/4 pulse until a white-noise snare hit and a bassline - so massive you can see it moving the air like a CGI shockwave - bring out the dub, as the heavily-zoned frontperson wails his subconscious fears into a feedback-maxed delay pedal. Fractal projections, like an
early-90s cyber-rave video, provide the only illumination, as we witness something like Throbbing Gristle and The Orb accidentally being booked to appear on the same stage at the same time. Slowly TG gain the upper hand, until filtered noise and industrial funk rhythms take us over. It's not often the support act performs an encore, but we refused to let them leave the stage. You don't have to be on drugs to enjoy it, but previous psychedelic experience is definitely an advantage in gaining entry to the Gnodiverse.

Journeying to the limits of the Gnodiverse

Author & Punisher was much more straight-forward: brutal beats, brutal bass, brutal human-beatboxing. He opened with a new track (I guess - I heard the words "Women and Children", which is the title of the new LP) and once more the bass was physically pummelling the audience - who loved the abuse, by the sound of them. Sadly the set did seem a bit scrappy, with a few false starts and a long period of silence while Tristan (looking disturbingly like Tom Hanks in "Saving Private Ryan") fiddled with his laptop. When he was in the zone, things took off, but as with Ore, the flow wasn't always there. Brilliant scary noises though.

Tom Hanks launches a brutal assault on the German lines

15 February 2013

Other people's sounds for your pleasure

April Larson

It was Hacker Farm's Kek-W (on his blog - which includes a brief interview) who first pointed me in the direction of April Larson's music, and I have been remiss in not recommending it to you lucky people before.
Beautiful and evocative lo-fi fuzz, though she's been moving into slightly noisier realms as well recently.

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April keeps a bit of a low profile, but regularly uploads new stuff to Soundcloud:
and has quietly uploaded her back catalogue on to Bandcamp without telling anyone:

Lost Trail
Lost Trail are a husband and wife duo from North Carolina who are turning out gorgeous twilight music like it's about to be made illegal. The Outer Church (where I discovered them) described their works as "disembodied Americana" - a label they liked so much they adopted it themselves. Folk, drone and humming crackle are all elements that they use to conjure inner visions of abandoned rural zones of entropy. I humbly suggest you dive into their extensive catalogue and bathe in it like a moonlit pool.

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Their official website is here:
A good amount of their stuff is on Bandcamp for you to check out:

The man describes his oeuvre better than I could: "sinister public information films, dusty archival sounds, cold war Britain and weeping analogue synths". Obviously this ticks a lot of my personal boxes, but I'm sure plenty of others will love it too. I don't like to do the "if you like x you'll love y" thing too much, but the warped and hissy synth melodies here will definitely get Boards of Canada fans excited.

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There's a new EP out on Bandcamp:
and loads of sounds to explore here:

My own sounds: news round-up


"Phase" by c/f+m(s), the collaboration between myself (as Concrete/Field) and Matt Warren (as mumble(speak) ), was eventually released in December.
PWYW/Free download is available via our friends at Hand Loom Lament, an actual physical CDR is available from us directly. All the info is at: c/f+m(s)

A new 5-track release of vicious anarcho-noise is out now. Inspired by the sterling work of the UK government and the joy of living in the UK today.
Visit: m19anarchonoise.bandcamp.com