02 August 2012

More British Weirds

Libbe Matz Gang

By the time you read this, Libbe Matz Gang may already have disappeared. Or been unmasked. Limited information is available here: http://libertatiaot.blogspot.co.uk/ (barring interference from US Customs).

Time Attendant
The experimental meets the harmonious, lots of pure electro loveliness at play. Kek-W's frankly bonkers sleevenotes to the new "Tournaments" EP are entitled "Medievalism in Modern Electronic Music", which gives some kind of indication of something, though I wouldn't want to hang a gimmick on this stuff. It's pretty Radiophonic in places, if you know what I mean.
Currently being channelled through the multi-approach Exotic Pylon empire. This video was created by Moon Wiring Club.

Further resources:
Exotic Pylon

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