04 September 2012

scutopus - Feeding

"Feeding" was originally released as a limited CD-R on Epicene Sound Replica back in 2004 and marks scutopus's first full noise album. This, then, is a digital re-master/re-issue type of thing, with a bonus track on the end. The main sound source is a "stereo feedback loop... between a damaged tape deck and a mixing board" which means the whole album is way up in the high end and has a special character all its own. In fact, much of the sounds here have an really organic sound, like crazed digital birdsong or the VLF atmospheric recordings of Stephen P McGreevy or Joe Banks. It's only in the later tracks that the emergence of looped sections make you aware of some human agency at work here. Other reviewers (that scutopus links to on the Bandcamp page in a fit of integrity) suggested the sounds weren't differentiated enough and became boring, but I have to say this is one of the more satisfying and fascinating noise albums I've listened to in recent times.

scutopus - Feeding

09 August 2012

Concrete/Field happenings


The MP3 version of SIGNALVOID is now out (lossless digital and fantastical wooden USB stick to follow).


Concrete/Field and :M:1:9: both contributed 3 tracks to this massive undertaking. Just look at the numbers: 263 tracks, 118 artists, 4 hours:23 minutes:15seconds of sound - epic doesn't come close. Each track is one minute long and the whole is designed to be played on shuffle. Frankly, this should be installed in a gallery somewhere on permanent loop.

This unique collaboration between Concrete/Field and mumble(speak) is complete (at least musically). Matt Warren has created this video using sources from both of us:

03 August 2012

Dead Fingers Talk

Imaginary Forces

Taken from his current EP on his own Sleep Codes label. Deep minimal electronic throb and buzz. Artwork is pretty tasty too.
Sleep Codes

New material is on the way, hopefully leading to a new album later in the year. Here's a taster:

02 August 2012

More British Weirds

Libbe Matz Gang

By the time you read this, Libbe Matz Gang may already have disappeared. Or been unmasked. Limited information is available here: http://libertatiaot.blogspot.co.uk/ (barring interference from US Customs).

Time Attendant
The experimental meets the harmonious, lots of pure electro loveliness at play. Kek-W's frankly bonkers sleevenotes to the new "Tournaments" EP are entitled "Medievalism in Modern Electronic Music", which gives some kind of indication of something, though I wouldn't want to hang a gimmick on this stuff. It's pretty Radiophonic in places, if you know what I mean.
Currently being channelled through the multi-approach Exotic Pylon empire. This video was created by Moon Wiring Club.

Further resources:
Exotic Pylon

British Weirds

For a while I've been nursing an obsession with a group of artists/labels/writers inhabiting a kind of TG- & Coil-influenced, but genre-agnostic, style. They're all UK-based but I don't know if you could call it a scene, even though they all know each other to a greater or lesser extent. Some are urban and dark, some rural and lovely but a thread of some Coil-ian uncanniness binds them. Maybe they're sidereal?

Ship Canal
Mancunian, but now based in Glasgow, Ship Canal is coming from a totally here-and-now decaying Britain but with haunting atmospherics conjured from no-budget electronics and ripped-off software. Has the wit (and brass neck) to call a track "Massive Coil Rip Off". Check out this amazing video for "A Fucking Cuddle" from his debut CD-R "Please Let Me Back Into Your House":

Hand Loom Lament
Ship Canal's digital label specialising in "[d]issociated echo phantasies and budget dole noise for no one in particular". As well as his own tackle, current recommended releases are the melodious synth/tape drone-noise of Emma Stirner, and the totally skint council estate ambient of Austerity Britain.

Further resources:

Debut Ship Canal CD-R available from 19F3:

Hacker Farm
Their tagline: "Make-do and mend. Broken music for a Broken Britain.". The dynamic West Country duo of Kek-W and Farmer Glitch specialise in DIY junk-shop circuit hacking, like Luigi Russolo meets The Good Life. Almost indecently obsessed with obsolete tech (they advertised their debut "Poundland" on short wave radio for Felicity's sake!) and perverse recycling strategies like constructing a Celeron-powered PC in a bedside cabinet. Obviously, this is behaviour that I think should be heartily encouraged.

Further resources:
There are many media resources, manifestos and mad ideas available on their website:
Hacker Farm

The "non-boutique nano-label" of writer and Hacker Farm-er Kek-W. Only two releases have emerged so far, but what releases they are! I've mentioned Ship Canal above, but the other is the techno-fantastical "Oneiric Hardware" by Werneck-Wretchmond - described as "manipulated field-recordings sourced entirely from server-arrays, hard-drives and PC peripherals".

Further resources:

Kemper Norton
Also hailing from Western parts, though with an aesthetic that is somehow more spiritual than Hacker Farm, Kemper Norton deal in a pastoral loveliness that they describe as "slurtronic folk". Songs feature an assortment of acoustic instruments, electronics, strange effects and affecting strangeness. The most recent EPs are available on the Bandcamp site, earlier stuff is harder to track down and left as an exercise for the reader.

Further resources:

IX Tab
The almost reluctant musical outlet of ace blogger Loki23 (see An Idiot's Guide To Dreaming in the sidebar over there --->), IX Tab has the most musical DNA in common with Balance & Christopherson out of all these projects. Sidereal processed melodies and chatter lead you through a warped, psilocybic mindspace. Or some such. Try the acid test with "The Line of Wounds (Comus a Come)" from debut album "Spindle & The Bregnut Tree":

Further resources:
IX Tab
"The Humchatter EP"