22 November 2011

Let's Burn Something - Noise Rock Filth Mix

22 tracks of ugly, filthy noise rock and scuzz punk. Guaranteed to pump the adrenalin and lower the IQ.

01: Brainbombs - It's A Burning Hell
02: Unholy Swill - Hellgoat
03: Bone Awl - Almost Dead Man
04: Dethscalator - Black Percy
05: Hey Colossus - Fire Up The Tambourine
06: Unsane - Vandal-X
07: Helmet - Murder
08: Glazed Baby - Vincent Van Goth
09: Dethscalator - Kicking The Horns Off A Bull
10: Drunks With Guns - Beautiful Happiness
11: Oaf - Tiny When Erect
12: Todd - Hog Blood River
13: Dickless - Miniskirt Mob
14: DeSalvo - Oedipus Rising
15: Fudge Tunnel - Shit For Brains
16: Stretchheads - Shape And Cleanse
17: KEN Mode - Book Of Muscle
18: Rusted Shut - Hatchet
19: No Trend - Reality Breakdown
20: Terminal Cheesecake - Bone Of A Saint
21: A-Frames - Negative
22: Grey Machine - Vultures Descend

Mixed by Crazydesertman 2011

Noise: http://www.mediafire.com/?xc8ysnb6vt9hdnc
Cover: http://www.mediafire.com/i/?j6tj4o29v32vauz

20 September 2011

Concrete/Field - Contrail Calligraphy

“Contrail Calligraphy” is the second full album from Manchester, England-based noise-maker and sound-warper Concrete/Field. In addition to the familiar warped electronic drone, these 8 tracks also feature heavily-tweaked synth blare, glitch-jazz piano and (inspired by recent remix work) pounding distorto-beats; so a little bit of something for all the family. Pay what you want or download for free if you like.

Concrete/Field Bandcamp page

04 January 2011

WOUNDS - Winter Remix Works

OUT NOW on Terranean Recordings:
WOUNDS "Winter Remix Works"

Six beautiful remixes of tracks from WOUNDS debut "Winter Ambient Works", by WOUNDS, fragment. , newmachine, Light Overhead and Concrete/Field available for free download:

I would humbly suggest that the Concrete/Field remix is the best thing I've done to date.