13 September 2010

wearside jack - tape decay

Eighties nostalgia of a different stripe. Cassette culture, power electronics, industrial, the Yorkshire Ripper and the West Yorkshire Police, George Oldfield, Wearside Jack.


“Thank you for being a friend”.

01 July 2010

Concrete/Field - Offcuts 2008-10

Release date: 1st July 2010

A collection of remixes, compilation tracks and other orphans from the years 2008-2010. Includes long stretches of processed buzz and hum, looped walls of drone, sick bass frequencies and even the occasional rhythm.
Free album download includes print-quality CD booklet/tray artwork.


01 June 2010

Nostromo 180286 - "Benthic Hum" EP

The new Nostromo 180286 EP "Benthic Hum" is out now and features a remix from Concrete/Field going by the name "ur-mu". Both tracks on the EP were constructed from a sample of mysterious bass hum emanating from the equipment of Mr Lundén.
Get it via the Nostromo 180286 myspace page:

23 March 2010

Concrete/Field: Cold Heaven

High-end drones and low-end filter burblings. Probably best on headphones, to pick up the detail.