25 January 2008

Music: Black Boned Angel - Bliss & Void Inseparable

Black Boned Angel
Bliss And Void Inseparable
[20 Buck Spin 2006]

Phew. This is both immense and intense. Those familiar with the extended aural barrages of Black Boned Angel will be as pleased as I was with this hour-long epic of heavy drone.

The dynamic range goes from near silent at the start to a massive wall of sound at the heart, but it never loses clarity - you can hear all the layers piling up. There has been a small avalanche of chancers jumping the doom-drone bandwagon in the last year or two, since everybody wants to wear the cloak of Sunn 0))), but this stuff is the real deal. Campbell Kneale has been putting out blissful drone epics as Birchville Cat Motel for a good decade and he knows his shit when it comes to making an hour-long track stay interesting for its entire duration. Sounds range from dual feedback guitar to lugubrious repetitive piano, with a heavy dosage of megaton doom making an appearance about minute 17.

It's a beautifully constructed piece of work and definitely one of my favourite sixty minute plus tracks of recent times!

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